Why you’ll love Launceston

Moving away from home to study is exciting – a new learning environment in a new location – new friends and new opportunities.

Launceston offers students a great lifestyle, exciting education opportunities available at world-renowned learning institutions, a warm and welcoming community and a fantastic range of activities and opportunities to keep you busy and entertained.

Student life in Launceston is good. Just a 45 minute flight from Melbourne, Launceston is a city that is large enough to offer the ‘big city’ experience but small enough to retain a strong sense of community, all in an environment where students are very welcome.  We are proud to say we are the safest region, in the safest State in Australia.

The lifestyle is enviable.   There is a great range of on and off campus accommodation and an environment where you can be as ‘wild as you want’.  From thrill seeking outdoor activities, to jumping into a thriving arts scene, to great walks and good coffee or perhaps more spiritual and peaceful pursuits.  It all starts here.

Start something special in Launceston.

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