From Singapore to Launceston - by Katherine Phang

Coming from Singapore, a busy city that never stops, I feel that Launceston is a nice change of environment for me. Peaceful and quiet, it offers a good platform for studying. There are not many distractions when I need to focus and when I need to loosen up, there are still bars open for a chill out night with friends.

But the thing that I love the most is the beautiful natural environment here. The untouched wilderness stretches out, creating many picturesque moments. It is a rare treat for the eyes indeed. With the endless natural beauty around here, there are many opportunities for a keen photographer or just an individual looking for a balm to his soul. There are so many more places in Tasmania for me to explore, for me to experience its unique beauty.

Of course, there is definitely a need to mention the fresh, fresh air. The air is really good here indeed, with so little air pollution going on compared to the busier cities around the world. I can totally feel the difference when I went back home during the summer break last year. I would say one of the things I would miss most about Launceston is the air and weather here.

I would say during these 1.5 years of study, I experienced many firsts which I would never have thought possible… my first winter, first hail (even though it only lasted for a few seconds), first meteor shower, first double rainbow, first dorm life, first pottery experience, first jump start car experience, and of course a totaly different culture experience.

I am easily fascinated by the things that are so different here, like the sight of so many retro cars, the fact that you have to push the door to get out of the metro buses… the different architectural buildings that look so intriguing, and even the normal houses here, with their own backyard and all… oh yes, and wood fire and many, many more things. 

To others, they may think that what is so good about all these, but to me, I could never experience a lot of these things back home in Singapore. Like wood fire, I would totally set off a fire alarm in high-rise buildings or just sweat myself to death by having that in the hot climate there.

Thus, I treasure my time here and look forward to discovering new experiences and listening to the different stories from the people around here.  

Katherine is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Tasmania