I totally love being a student in Launceston - by Grace Ho

Launceston is a great place away from the hustle and bustle of larger city life. With my bird’s eye view from the plane, I saw a vast amount of empty land space and I knew this would definitely be one of the best places for me to be close to wilderness. However, another thought that came to my mind was that perhaps this place would be too quiet.
After one and a half years here, I could not be thankful enough for being a student in Launceston and it is definitely not as quiet as you might think. I feel lucky because my university is a great place to meet people from all walks of life and I get to know new friends from different faculties. You never get bored, there are plenty of activities happening in both Newnham and Inveresk campus, from weekly movie nights, multicultural nights, weekly Lazy Sundays get togethers, off-campus trips, weekly cooking classes, sports events, and much more. The campuses also have great facilities and several spots that are very conducive for study too.
There are also many events going on in the city such as Festivale, Beer Fest, classical music at the city park, comedy nights at cafes or bars and many others. And the one I am most looking forward to is the upcoming City Slider. There are also opportunities to get involved in the community. There are a lot of volunteering jobs available in Launceston and it is a fun experience, especially for students to get to know more people and learn from the local community. I got to be a gallery volunteer and also got involved in the Junction Arts Festival and part of the photomob team which gave me opportunities to capture great pictures. Though I had to capture pictures of the events, I had free entry, which is a great bonus for a student. I also feel glad to learn photo skills from the professional photographers and the people were very welcoming and nice.
There are a handful of student discount privileges in Launceston and also club privileges. Sports clubs, diving club, walking club etc. There are plenty of club events all year round. I love diving in Tasmanian waters; you can see the beautiful kelp forest and the iconic Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragon at the east coast too.
Apart from social events, there is the beautiful Cataract Gorge where I can take a walk to unwind my mind and relax and have a swim at the pool. Sometimes you may be lucky to spot a seal or two swimming in the Gorge. Tamar Wetlands is another beautiful place for a good stroll. There are so many beautiful parks around and I would never have imagined to actually having pelicans as my neighbours too. A few hours drive out of Launceston could take you to the most mesmerizing landscapes such as Cradle mountain, Wine Glass Bay, Ben Lomond and many others. There are also blooming seasons of flowers such as Tulip Festival to get great pictures and the Lavender farm to get an exotic lavender ice cream.
What more could I ask for, I totally love being a student in Launceston!

Grace Ho, Bachelor of Contemporary Arts(Hons), University of Tasmania