From India to Launceston - by Ramnik Singh Walia

Only five percent of students from India study abroad during their undergraduate career. After my experience studying abroad in Tasmania, I can't imagine ever being part of that 95 percent which doesn't. It truly was a life changing and life defining experience. I traveled all over Tasmania, lived in Launceston and adapted to a new culture.
Hi Friends my name is Ramnik Singh Walia and I’m a proud UTAS alumni. Today via this platform I would really like to share my story. I would like to tell the world just how awesome my new home is.
Friends, I came to Launceston 7 years ago from a developing nation with lots of hope in my mind.  Hope about gaining a good education, good job, and a good lifestyle. Friends, I must say that Launceston has fulfilled each and every wish that I once craved for.
Launceston is one of the most beautiful places in the world and  has so much to offer. Weekends away from the University assignments were plentiful; my most memorable experiences are the food and wine festivals (Festivale & Launceston Show) where my friends and I enjoy good food and wine. During my stay in Launceston I have been to different tourist attractions ranging from the Cataract Gorge to the Evandale market on Sundays.
Now coming to my University experience, friends attending class at the University of Tasmania, Launceston campus was a very worthwhile experience for me. The University of Tasmania is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, especially in the field of Journalism. It was an honor to study at the university where lectures are taught by professors that are making world-renowned achievements. In addition, being in a small class of only 10- 14 students made it a much more casual setting in which we could get to know the professors and other students on a personal level. Studies at UTAS changed my approach to the academic world. It was a valuable lesson to stay focused and self-motivated towards my career and goals.
The studies at University of Tasmania did in fact drastically change the way I went about my career. I dedicated myself to finding a career that best suited the skills that I gained from the University. Within one year of graduation I won the prestigious award “Youth broadcaster of the year” for the city of Launceston.  I also created and sold a successful media business to a Launceston based company, which I believe was a big achievement. Thus currently I’m totally dedicated towards my career, which is to become a successful media entrepreneur in Tasmania.
Friends, I would really like to see Launceston grow in all aspects but my major focus is to establish businesses, which would in return create more jobs and employment opportunities for our amazing residents.
Finally the most important thing I took out of this experience was my own personal development. Last year when I went back to India, I could really see how I have personally developed. In Launceston I was forced to toughen up and do my own tasks. I had to do my own laundry, cook for myself, clean my room, and grocery shop. All those tasks that your mum normally does for you. And I know a lot of people feel like you do those task now at college, but studying abroad is one more step. It is actually like living on your own. You don’t have a school cafeteria and not everything is within walking distance. This forced me to have to take care of myself and everything I own on my own. Now it is much easier for me to do tasks and I take way better care of my personal belongings. After having to starve some mornings because I forgot to go grocery shopping I wont think twice to cook some eggs for breakfast if they are in the fridge.
So friends at last I just want to say, “Launceston is the place to be.”