Love for Launceston - by Divya Tyagi

My name is Divya Tyagi and I am from India, I am pursuing a Masters from UTAS in Launceston. Leaving your love ones and your country behind is not easy for anyone but my passion brought me here. New places brings lot of worries, at the beginning I was very concerned about the culture and environment as I have trouble in my left eye. I thought it wouldn’t be easy for me to adjust and people might make fun of me but truly speaking Launceston people are really nice and warm, not once have I been uncomfortable.

I love Launceston for many reasons. The beauty of the city lies within the nature and people; the city is beautifully maintained and is pollution free. Nature is the main attraction of the city; it has different colour flowers and huge parks that enhance the beauty of the city. Launceston has many famous tourist destinations, and I have been to most of the places and I am mesmerised by everything about being here. People of the city are very nice and warm, not for a moment have I felt that I am new to this place. The way they smile to each other while walking on the street makes me feels that I have known each person for a long time. I feel safe when I walk in the city.

For almost one year I worked as a casual worker in one of the fine dining restaurant and there I got the chance to meet different generations of people, every guest is really humble and they show interest in my studies.

Launceston is a quiet city but the events make the city brighter. Life is really busy between the city and the University there are always events being organised. Once I attended a musical evening at the city park. At first I didn’t want to go as I didn’t have any company but then I made up my mind and I went alone. The moment I reached there I noticed that the whole of Launceston was there, everyone came along with their family and the people were so excited. After a while I completely forgot that I was alone and I stayed for the whole show and shared my lovely and memorable experience with my family.

There are so many good restaurants in the city and I am fond of trying different cuisines, so every week I try a new restaurant. Being at new places makes me feel fresh and happy, also there are a few regular places where I go because of the warmth and the food is delicious. I think living in Launceston is the best decision of my life. I wish I could stay here forever and forever. Love to be in Launceston.