Why I Love Being a Student in Launceston - by Alex Clifford

I love being a student in Launceston because there is so much to see and do both in the city, and in the surrounding areas.

A great example being that I had a couple of days off from my “Busy” Uni schedule a couple of weeks ago. So I drove out to the east coast with a couple of mates and set up camp right on the point of the world famous Bay of Fires in one of the great free recreational area’s that exist for camping all over the state. We had a great time, kept the fire going late (till we weren’t thirsty anymore) and then up the next day for a bit of fishing, some diving for Cray’s and Abalone and then checked out a massive pod of dolphins that was passing by.

If I’m just looking to get away for the day half an hour north we hit the river mouth for the Tamar which is great spot to head when the wind is right, and there is a good chance of bumping into someone else from Uni getting the kite out for a bit of play (Booties are definitely a plus in winter though).

Launceston has everything I want in a city (Pubs, Clubs, Cinema) but it also has all the facilities that anyone could want in a city of over a hundred thousand people. And yet I can still get home at the end of a night for $10 and be a 15-minute drive from the airport, and a 2-minute drive from Uni (5 if the traffic is bad).

The best thing I’ve found about coming to Launceston to study, is I really get the most out of my time whether it be study or recreation. This is because with everything so close I find myself more keen to get up and go because I don’t have to worry about traffic or big distances between suburbs.

The fact that I could attend a university that did exactly what I wanted, was located in such a beautiful environment, and was less than an hours flight from Melbourne (so I could duck home for the odd weekend), made it an easy choice for me to decide to come here to study. It’s a choice I’m glad I made and would recommend to anyone considering it as an option.