Why I love being a student in Launceston

I’m a first year student in Business at UTAS in Launceston. After only being here a few weeks I have realised why choosing here over other places (Hobart, mainland etc.) was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I grew up in Smithton and have always wanted to live in the city, Launceston is definitely much larger and I am finding I am meeting new people every day! It seems small enough however that when I walk in to town I recognise a number of faces. In the classroom too it’s great that the teacher to student ratio isn’t large at all. Another positive is that Launceston is small enough that walking home after a UNI night isn’t hard.

When it comes to the weekend I never find myself being bored! If I’m not studying on the weekend I’ll find myself swimming at the gorge, playing sport or in the mall with friends.

Unlike other parts in Australia our neighbours are so friendly, first day I moved they introduced themselves bringing food to eat! I thought that only happened on the movies? Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. It really feels like I’m still at home except it’s a lot bigger with more opportunities.