Your Name, Where are you from, what are you studying?
Cecilia, 31, Sweden, Education.
Why choose the University of Tasmania?
To be honest, I actually applied to some universities in Melbourne too, but I didn’t get in there. Although, I do believe UTAS was the best choice in the end as their HPE provides high quality teaching and I also had the opportunity to do my practical with them. Something that wasn’t possible with the other universities.
Future plans?
I’m in the final year of my degree so I just want to finish my studies and start to work. There’s a lack of educated teachers at the leisure centres in Sweden right now so I’ll be able to find a school that suits me and get a good salary.
What did you see and do in Tasmania?
I’ve met some Tassie’s while traveling earlier in life who told me how beautiful Tasmania is, and they were totally right! I’ve tried to go different places every weekend and honestly, I don’t know the name of most of them but I definitely recommend visiting Cradle Mountain, Mariah Island and Wine Glass Bay. I also enjoyed visiting Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, as I got to know a lot more about the animals on the island. Something I wish I did but didn’t do was white water rafting and those tree top walks. But I guess I have to save something for next time.
Where did you live?
I stayed in South Launceston, next to the hospital, as I wanted to be close to the city centre.
How was the environment and people you’ve met?
Aussies in general seems to be really friendly and inviting. Launceston seems like quite a sleepy town, but when you look into the events you realize that you don’t have to be bored. I spent a lot of time at campus hanging out with other students in the common rooms and at Seafarers. I liked the feeling of everyone hanging out together like a big family.
Events attended?
I attended different day trips arranged by UTAS and also the cooking classes. Fun, friends and free food!
What do you know now and didn't before arriving here?
Everything! I didn’t look up anything about Launceston or Tasmania before arriving. I’m this person who likes to build my own opinion and not have any expectations. Some things I figured out early were that: the cashier always chit-chast with you at the checkout, people drive like they’ve stole the car, you have to wear a helmet while on a pushbike – by law and Aussies say “sorry” all the time, even if it’s not needed.