What are you studying?
I am studying a Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management) at the Australian Maritime College.
Where are you from?
I'm from Sydney, NSW.
Why did you choose Launceston?
I chose AMC because of the fantastic facilities and to gain a new experience living in a different city. Launceston seemed like the place to go as there is so much to do in such close proximity. Be it a weekend away on the East Coast, a drive down to Hobart or a simple lunch at a winery around the area, there’s always something to do.
Where do you live?
I live in private rental accommodation.
Where do you hang out?
I love spending time at the local cafes and casual pubs.
Where do you love to eat?
This Cafe, on George Street in the city centre.
What do you like to do in Launceston?
There is a lot to choose from but I really like visiting the Gorge for a bbq with friends in the warmer months.
What do you know now that you didn’t know before you arrived?
That Simon Baker from the tv show Mentalist was born in Launceston! Who would have thought!
Where is your future headed?
My future so far is to finish my degree and explore the array of job opportunities that come from my course.
If your last day on earth were to be spent in Launceston, what would you do?
Visit Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm, located at Elizabeth Town. I’d enjoy some of their amazing pancakes and chocolate coated raspberries!
If Launceston was an animal what would it be?
Launceston would have to be a cat, generally quite placid but can get pretty energetic at times.