Where are you studying?
I am studying at Launceston Church Grammar School. This year I am studying Maths, Housing and Design, Accounting and English.
Where are you from?
I am from South Korea.
Why did you choose Launceston?
My parents chose Launceston. Mainly because it is a close knit, safe community and it doesn't have a huge South Korean population which means I can get lots of exposure to Australian life.
Where do you live?
I am a resident at the Boarding House at Grammar.
Where do you eat?
I usually eat at the dining hall at the Boarding House but enjoy going into town to Morty's Food Court and to Seaport for fish and chips.
What do you like to do in Launceston?
I like to participate in sport mostly soccer and rugby. My friends and I like to play Crazy Golf and lile to go to the odd AFL game. Last year one of the older boards took me cliff jumping in Hobart which was awesome. I've also been to the Tasmania Zoo.
What do you know that you didn't know before you arrived?
It is different to what I expected but in a good way.
Where is your future headed?
Next year I will attend university either in Australia or back in Korea.
How does Launceston smell?