Your Name, Age (optional), Where are you from, what are you studying?
Leandra Siems-Hoffmann, 22, Germany, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Why you chose to study that course?
I love the ocean and I was always fascinated by the fact that ships, colossal ships made of steel, are able to float. So basically I was just curious what’s going on there wink
Why UTAS and not elsewhere?
Because UTAS offers the possibility to study at the AMC. Probably one of the best institutions to get your degree in any course related to the maritime industry. In addition, it is located in Tasmania, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Is there anything else you could wish for?
Travelling & Activities done in your time here?
I did heaps of travelling while I was studying in Tasmania. Together with some international students, exchange students and Aussies we travelled across the whole island. We went to the main spots like Cradle Mountain, Hobart, Bruny Island and along the East Coast. Discovered the North of Tasmania: Stanley and the Nut, Sisters Beach, Little Blue Lake and Tomahawk Beach. At the very end I even managed to make a little trip to the wild west and visited Gordon Dam. To be honest we visited a lot of places and you probably get bored if I’m giving you a list of every single on. Go out and see them yourself. It’s totally worth it!
Where did you live? On campus, if yes, any perks(benefits)?
I lived off campus with a bunch of wonderful housemates who were all studying at UTAS. Nevertheless, I spend some time at some accommodations on campus. It’s both nice, just depends what you want and prefer. For sure I would go for some houseshare again.
How was the environment and people you’ve met?
I loved studying in Tasmania and at the AMC. Both, the lecturers and my classmates were super friendly and always helpful. I always felt very welcome and started to love the Australian culture. I never experienced a more relaxed or easy-going lifestyle. You just gotta love it! I met heaps of international people, literally from all over the world, who made my time and the experiences I made even more wonderful.
Events attended?
I went to a couple of events offered by UTAS like trips to different places in Tasmania etc. Also we went to the “Dark Mofo” in Hobart, definitely worth going there.
What do you know now and not before arriving here?
That wombats actually use their butt to protect themselves.