Your Name, Where are you from, what are you studying?
Martin Valencia, I am from the Philippines and I studied Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management
Why you chose to study that course?
I chose to study MLM because it is a globally well-known maritime course in the logistics and supply chain industry
Why UTAS and not elsewhere?
Because UTAS had AMC are instututions well know for maritime professionals and AMC is the only maritime college in Australia.
Future plans?
To be a permanent resident in Australia, have my own Logistics Company and travel the world.
Travelling & Activities done in your time here?
Travelled to Hobart, Tamar Valley, East Coast, Mount Wellington, Cradle Mountain, Ben Lomond and North West Coast of Tasmania
Where did you live? On campus, if yes, any perks (benefits)?
I lived on campus Perks:- - Awesome social events on campus - Get to meet new people everyday - Always have someone to hang out with at night - Social parties in the common areas - Events held by the accommodation services (easter Sunday, xmas bbq, food bing, trivia night, semester bbq, walking dead costume party etc.) - Get to do Birthdays with your awesome friends on campus - Get to meet awesome people like (Adele, Sharania, Shaun, Lamaq, CK, Joel Lim, Joel Hatty, Kalpana, Ken, Ely, Ari, Abby, Tania, Monique, Zac, Delie, Liz, Maria, Caitlin, Ben, Jaden, Jack, Colin, Guopiaw? GP?, Francis, Ben, Courtney, Natalie and Wendy <3)
How was the environment and people you’ve met?
It was purely awesome and memorable. Words could not explain how the people I mentioned above gave me such positive memories I had in UTAS.
Events attended?
Harvest Market, AGFEST and Tulip festival
What do you know now and not before arriving here?
I have learned how beautiful Tasmania’s culture, nature and people are.