What are you studying?
4th year Bachelor of Education at the University of Tasmania in Launceston.
Where are you headed?
I’d like to teach in Launceston. They’re moving into the 21st century. Also because I’ve done most of my training here and lived here, it’s all familiar and friendly!
Where do you hang out?
I like to go to Lloyds. It’s good going out in Launceston because you can have a quiet drink or you can go out and dance. It’s up to you. It’s not the whole nightclub thing. We’ve moved on from that.
Where do you feed?
Burger Got Soul is my favourite. Also, I love the Seaport.
What thrills?
We like to go to the Gorge when it’s hot, but weekends up here are fantastic because you’re not spending three–and-a-half hours travelling. Everything’s so close.
What do you know now?
You get four seasons in one day. You go from fog to heat all within hours. But the seasons are all amazing. Of an evening the sky is all different colours and the sunset is beautiful. You can look out and see all around you.
What are the sounds of Lonnie?
I think it sounds calm. I can hear leaves, wind and people - conversation as opposed to noise.