Your Name, Age (optional), Where are you from, what are you studying?
Mike Bronk, turned 22 in Tassie. I am from the Netherlands and was part of an exchange program in my study Logistics Engineering.
Why you chose to study that course?
There is a lot of work in this area.
Why UTAS and not elsewhere?
I wanted to go to a country outside of Europe where English is the native language. Therefor I doubted between the United States and Australia. After some discussions with my school I found out that there were contracts with UTAS (benefits were the closed payments and possibility to transfer my study points) so I would get the experience without any delay. Next to the contracts the real reason to go to UTAS was because America is a lot closer to Europe. I could easily go on a holiday to America than to Australia, plus I had never been to Australia.
Future plans?
Finish my studies (currently in the last year) and than either do a master in Supply Chain Management or start working.
Travelling & Activities done in your time here?
There was almost every weekend a trip to a place in Tassie, either with a group of friends or with UniMates. Think of Cradle Mountain, Hobart, the Gorge, beaches, little blue lake, etc. We also went to Melbourne during the Easter break.
Where did you live? On campus, if yes, any perks(benefits)?
Yes, I lived in Leprena (student accommodation), the perks were that there was always someone around and everything and everyone was close by (friends for dinner, the gym and the classes).
How was the environment and people you’ve met?
Amazing! Made some close friends and the life on the campus were really cool as well. Outside of the campus I really loved the nature.
Events attended?
Trips with UniMates, every week cooking class and all sort of parties, too much to name all of the events wink
What do you know now and not before arriving here?
Of course I learned a lot but the thing that I really learned is how fast I made close friendships and that I definitely want to visit Australia again!