Who are you and what are you studying?
Chun Kit, Ooi. From Malaysia. Studying Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours).
Why did you choose this course?
I have always been passionate about the natural environment since young, hence I hope to gain a better understanding of the relationship between human and the environment through this degree. After completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree at the University of Tasmania, I have gained considerable knowledge regarding this field of study. Although I have great passion for the environment, but human development is also crucial and necessary. Therefore, my goal is to combine the knowledge and skills that I have learned to drive my aspiration of creating a future where both development and the environment can coexist together in a sustainable manner.
Why the University of Tasmania and not somewhere else?
I chose the University of Tasmania because of the generous scholarships, relatively lower living cost and the unique state of Tasmania – renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, cultures and history.
What have you experienced since coming to Tasmania?
I have visited many different parts of Tasmania, ranging from bushwalking at Walls of Jerusalem National Park, skiing or snowboarding and Ben Lomond during winter, and visiting various picturesque sites such as Cradle Mountain, Wineglass Bay and Bruny Island. I also participated in club and society activities, for example, the Malaysian Students’ Association that represents the Malaysian community in UTAS, and aims to provide everyone an opportunity to learn more about the unique Malaysian culture as well as to connect all Malaysian students studying at UTAS.
Where did you live? On campus, if yes, any perks(benefits)?
On-campus. It was very convenient as on-campus accommodations is generally located within Newnham campus itself, providing easy access to classes and various on-campus events and activities. .
How was the experience and people you’ve met?
I was able to experience communal living, where I made great friends and memories besides learning how to be more considerate towards other people living around me and compromise where necessary. It is also an eye-opener as I had the opportunity to meet and get to know diverse number of people and cultures from different parts of the world.
Events attended?
Too many to count or even specify.
What do you know now and not before arriving here?
Launceston, Tasmania can be a very quiet place. However, what I eventually realize is that it is more about your own state of mind instead of the place. With the wrong state of mind, you will probably still feel out of place and unhappy even if you are at the best place on Earth. But if you were to have the right state of mind and learn to live in the present, you could be at the worse place on Earth, but you can still be happy, be able to appreciate what you have and simply have the time of your life, wherever you may be.