What are you studying?
I am doing a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Tasmania.
Where are you from?
I have come down from a small town called Kuranda in far North Queensland, which is slightly north of Cairns.
Why did you choose Launceston?
I have lots of friends and family in Tasmania that I had not seen in quite some time and thought that living in Tasmania might be a good way to catch up with them all.
Where do you live?
I live on campus in the uni accommodation, which is great fun because of the great diversity and mix of people.
Where do you hang out?
Being from the warm climate I love spending time in the water so I usually find myself at the Gorge. Other than that I live to hang out with mates and socialise.
Where do you love to eat?
Pizza Pub and Burger Got Soul - these are easily my two favourite places, however I usually spend at least one night a week at the restaurant Saltz which is on campus instead of cooking myself.
What do you like to do in Launceston?
I am always finding new things to do and new places but some of my favourites are; swimming at the Gorge, going to the footy, minigold, ten pin bowling and playing sport.
What do you know now that you didn't know before you arrived?
I really had no idea of what to expect before I arrived but I have discovered so much and I am always learning of new places, activities and people all the time.
Where is you future headed?
I am really not sure at this time although my plan is to finish my degree and then become a sport and recreation officer who travels around the Northern Territory and the Cape York Peninsula setting up and running sports events in communities.
If you had to sell Launceston with a slogan, what would it be?
People, community, fun - thanks Launceston
If your last day on earth were to be spent in Launceston, what would you do?
Throw a massive gig at my favourite place, the Gorge.