When Hannah Bishop moved from Queensland to Launceston, she found it a bit chillier than her home state. But the fantastic community atmosphere at the Inveresk University of Tasmania campus warmed her right up.

As a shy kid, theatre helped her gain confidence, so she was thrilled when she found out about the Theatre program at the University.

“I’m studying the Bachelor of Contemporary Arts majoring in Theatre.

“I came here to do acting but I learned how to rig lights, how to build sets, how to work with sound files, and how to work in a costume room and sew. I still have that passion for acting but it’s really broadened my horizons.

“Out of all the courses in Australia this is one of the very few that does touch on both the acting and the technical side. It’s a really good experience to cover all your bases and learn everything,” she said.

”I’d really love to act in television but I’d also love to write for television.”

Hannah said the Inveresk cultural hub is a great place to study the arts and connect with other creatives.

“We’re all artsy here, so it’s really become a community. We’ve even worked with architecture students to do assessments. We’ve become one big family.”