Sam Smith is studying his PhD at the University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College (AMC), and he’s loving the experience.

Sam said one of the great things about AMC is the world-class facilities.

“I’m lucky to be working in the Cavitation Research Laboratory. It’s the biggest in the southern hemisphere and the team that works there is absolutely incredible.

“I’ve been at a bigger university, where being in a massive class you feel like you’re just a number, but here you’re a person to your lecturers and supervisors. It really helps you learn more. It makes the work easier and more fun.

“That’s the great thing at AMC, the staff and students here are all really close. I feel comfortable asking any lecturer or supervisor about any problems I encounter,” he said.

“The staff is what makes this place so great.”

Sam said living in Tasmania is fantastic too.

“I’ve started learning how to windsurf and go spearfishing, and I’ve been going up to Cradle Mountain for hikes. It’s really going great. There’s plenty to do here.”