Teacher and University of Tasmania graduate Stephanie Manning chose to study education because always had a passion for learning.

“I love challenging myself and stimulating my mind. I also love working with children,” she said.

“I live in Hobart but made the decision to move to Launceston to study the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree. This was the best decision I ever made.

“I am the first to attend University in my immediate family and I feel extremely proud and privileged that I was able to further my education through UTAS and achieve the career of my choice.

“Over the four years I was provided with relevant and worthwhile experiences that set me up to succeed in practical placements and in my career,” she said.

“The academics at UTAS were always so supportive. They were there for us every step of the way and wanted to help us succeed.”

During her final year of study Stephanie gained a Limited Authority to Teach which enabled her to start relief teaching while she was studying.

“I was very lucky to sign a full time contract in December before I graduated for the following year,” she said.

“If you are wanting to become a primary school teacher, the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree is definitely the way to go.”